Payments we accept:

Paypal - Our preferred method of payment

Paypal payments are generally instantaneous (excluding payment made via e-cheque) and will see your order sent through on the same day payment is made (unless payment is made after 9pmWST).

Credit Card (using Paypal Gateway)

We can also accept Credit Card payments through Paypal. These transactions are also instant and will see delivery of your electronic products completed on the same day (provided payments are made before 9pmWST). We choose to offer this method of credit card payment option to reduce merchant fees on our end and yours; you are not charged any fees to access this payment method through Paypal.
You are not required you to have your own paypal account but this option still affords you the security, dispute resolution options and general peace of mind associated with a traditional Paypal transaction.

Direct Deposit

We bank with the NAB. Despending on your financial institution, your payment may take between 12hrs and 72hrs to clear. Please note that we are only able to send you your digital and printed order upon receipt of cleared funds.