Terms and conditions of use

1) Pre-designed invitation includes any invitation featured on our webpage or facebook page,  personalised with your event details, name & photograph (if the invitation has space for a photograph).

2) The pre-designed price is inclusive of up to three (3) proofs/edits and the substitution of original invitation details (Name, age, date, time, location, RSVP & special information/ poem) with your own. Exceeding the allowed number of edits/proofs will increase the original price to the custom design price. The final design will be emailed to your nominated email address as a high resolution .jpeg file for you to print yourself.

3) Custom Design Invitation refers to any invitation ordered that is to be styled around a theme/idea that you have that does not exist in our catalogues OR a pre-designed invitation that is altered more than is considered reasonable and/or exceeds the allowed three (3) edits/proofs including but not limited to layout, colours, addition of images and/or font changes.

4) The custom design price is inclusive of the creation of an invitation to your colour, size, photograph and layout specifications, up to three (3) proofs/ edits. The final design will be emailed to your nominated email address as a high resolution .jpeg file  for you to print yourself.

5) Print It Yourself Invitations & Design reserves the right to use your custom designed invitation (with all personal & event information removed, although permission may be sought to use photographs) in their portfolio and online catalogues as examples of work and items for sale. The reason we are able to offer custom designed invitations so cheaply, is that we reserve the right to onsell that design to other customers at any price that we choose. If you would like exclusive use of a design, please contact us for a quote.

6) Whilst extreme care is taken to correct errors during the design process, it is possible that spelling and other errors may go undetected by the designer, especially in phone numbers that are not familiar. Customers are reminded to double check all proofs for layout and spelling/other errors, therefore final customer approval of the design absolves Print It Yourself Invitations & Design of  responsibility if any errors appear in the final invitation/design/product and the customer acknowledges that any further changes/corrections to the design or replacement of the product will incur additional fees.

6) We will not reproduce/copy licensed characters as they are protected by copyright and their reproduction & sale breaches that copyright.

7) Print It Yourself Invitations & Design offers a print service for 4x6" & 5x7" invitations only.

8) Full payment will be made via direct debit, Paypal or Credit Card (via Paypal) before final printable image will be forwarded to the customer.

9) As all monitors are calibrated differently and have different colour utput models, therefore Print It Yourself Invitations & Design accept no responsibility for colour variations between the printed product and on screen preview. All of our invitation products are set using a RGB colour model. All business designs are set using the CMYK colour model.

10) All images and designs on this website and at http://facebook.com/PrintItYourself are the property and the copyright of Print It Yourself Invitations & Design. Print It Yourself Invitations & Design has copyright on all designs created by Print It Yourself Invitations & Design and they cannot be duplicated or copied, reproduced, altered or sold in any way, without express written permission from Jenni Dinsdale of Print It Yourself Invitations & Design. Associated copyright law prohibits reproducing copyrighted material. Only customers that have purchased their design with intent to print, are allowed to print their product without written consent. If  you would like to display your designs on your Facebook page or website ou must give credit to Print It Yourself Invitations & Design by including our website address www.piyinvitations.com.au or a link to our facebook page http://facebook.com/PrintItYourself in the post.

11) Print It Yourself Invitations & Designs reserves the right to amend and/or change and/or add too these terms and conditions without notice.